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C.A. Spruill

      We are a successful business with an excellent track record. Established in 1978, International Catering, Inc. has catered for as many as 4,000+ guests in many diverse situations. 

      Our expert staff are dedicated to offering you, your family or organization, the best product and service available with courteous expediency.

      Browse our brochure for details on what we have to offer!

      If, after reviewing the menus, you have any further questions concerning price, service or additional menus please do not hesitate to call. Our gracious staff are always willing to assist you in tailoring a menu more suitable for you and your guests. Always compare our prices and services to similar agencies; we are sure we will win your business in the end.


9800 Halls Ferry Road

Saint Louis, Mo. 63136

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Monday - Saturday 10a-6p